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    UPVC Windows and Doors


    UPVC is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the most versatile polymers found in the century. PVC today finds application in almost all facet of our life, from daily use to highly sophisticated life-saving applications. This flexibility of PVC is leveraged through a unique formulation to prepare a special UPVC blend for windows and doors. UPVC (where ‘U’ stands for unplasticized) is one of the most preferred windows framing material across the world. The material comes in a range of color, is low maintenance and offers benefits which no material so far has matched.

    Benefits of UPVC Windows

    UPVC windows and doors offer many of the performance characteristics which no other material so far has achieved.

    Types of Windows

    A window is defined as an opening in the wall above the floor level, whose traditional function is to provide natural light, ventilation, and vision. With advancements in technology, the role of a window has broadened to include insulation against outside noise, protection from storms, prevent rainwater seepage and reduce rising energy costs. It also breaks the monotony of the walls and adds to the overall aesthetics of your home. Windows come in various shapes and styles, and the right kind of window can change the look of your room, home or office. Choosing the right type of window for a particular location can be quite intimidating given the different styles, features, and materials available in the market today. Here are a few things you need to know when you plan to replace those old, creaky windows.


    These windows have sashes that slightly overlap each other, while moving on a fixed horizontal frame. These are best suited for residential and commercial spaces where space saving is a must. They offer convenience and space.​

    Casement Windows

    These windows have their sash hinged, which enables them to swing in and out, just like a door. Once again, these windows are very popular with residential plots.

    Bay Windows

    These windows protrude out of the main walls of a room, creating a hollow bay. They are best suited for spacious rooms with high ceilings that offer a good scenic view and also add a touch of elegance to the room.

    Tilt And Turn Windows

    These windows can tilt inwards for protection against rain and swing in like a casement window with the help of their side hinges. They are best suited when you need the slight ventilation but without the outside weather elements affecting your home.

    Combination Windows

    Combination windows are a combination of different types of windows that deliver a completely new and stylish twist to your room.

    Fixed Windows

    Fixed windows are those windows with no openings and these are best in spaces where little or no extra ventilation is required.

    Single And Double Hung Windows

    Single hung windows are fixed at the top but the bottom slides up and down like a traditional sash window. Double hung windows on the other hand, have a fixed bottom but can be opened at the top.

    Components of Windows

    components of windows

    UPVC Doors

    The main lure of UPVC doors is their impressive durability; they are built to withstand heavy, frequent usage over time and provide optimum security for your home. Furthermore, they make a good first impression of your property because of their high quality, attractive features.

    Benefits of UPVC Doors

    Tough & Durable

    uPVC Door’s has very durable material used in water and sewer pipes for at least 100 years. Vinyl windows are so durable that the vast majority of them installed over the past 25 years are still in use.


    Doors do not rot and are resistant to corrosion.

    Acoustic Insulation

    Unlike metals, uPVC is non-conductive meaning its use in doors does not transfer heat and therefore contributes to a more consistent internal temperature for a building.

    Resistant to Salt Erosion

    uPVC is resistant to corrosion caused by salt-laden air making them ideal for coastal areas.

    BushFire Performance

    Double glazed uPVC windows can be used in Australia in areas where risk is zoned as Bushfire Attack Level 29kW/m2 (BAL 29).

    High-security UPVC

    windows incorporate multi-locking systems providing a high level of security for homes or businesses.

    Recyclable UPVC

    can be recycled as often as 10 times. Where they have been commonly used for the past 30 years, such as in Europe, uPVC windows and doors can be – and are – recycled at the end of life.

    Types of Doors

    Openable Door

    A beautiful and classic door design which is an evergreen choice, Casement door features a single sash that is hinged from the side onto a frame and can be opened on either side. It can also be offered with dual sash, usually referred to as French door. With its excellent thermal and sound insulation properties and tremendous versatility, this charming door is an ideal replacement for your wall.

    sliding doors1

    Slide Door

    This design offers a unique combination of oversized openings, compression sealed technology for high energy performance and effortless sash operation all in a traditional sliding panel aesthetic. In addition, this design uses European hardware which offers secure ventilation and the advantage that the operating door panel slides entirely over the fixed door panel.


    Slide & Fold Door

    An elegant and stylish replacement door, the slide-fold instantly creates a modern essence in older homes. A popular choice for new construction as well, this door keeps rooms open and flexible to the outdoors or adjoining spaces. This versatile door design uses compression seal technology for superior sound, air and water performance

    Aluminium Windows


    Windows and doors manufactured with aluminum are the smart choices for the Australian environment. Aluminum is more resistant to warping, twisting or sticking when subjected to the elements. Strength, aluminum is strong and provides much better defense against would be intruders, additionally, aluminum does not absorb water, rot or rust and is virtually maintenance free.

    Benefits of Aluminium Windows

    Thermal Performance

    High-performance aluminum windows are able to meet or exceed energy efficiency standards

    Design Flexibility

    The inherent strength and flexibility for aluminum to be manufactured to exacting specifications mean you are limited only by your imagination.


    Aluminum frames can be significantly less expensive than other framing options, providing a strong yet economical window and door solution, while also achieving excellent energy outcomes.


    A range of finishing options ensures aluminum windows and doors can be perfectly matched to any decor.


    Aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal and is an environmentally sustainable material.

    Reduces Carbon Footprint

    In the case of an average gas-heated home in Melbourne, the use of aluminum double glazed windows delivers CO2E equivalent savings of almost three times that required to produce the aluminum frames, just within the first year

    Types of Aluminium Windows


    Awning windows

    Awning windows are what most people imagine when first thinking about window styles. The window design allows the window sash to swing outward from the base rather than inward like a casement or up and down in a double hung system.


    Frameless windows

    Frameless windows blend into the wall and surrounds of the windows areas. For a completely uninterrupted view, frameless windows maximise the space availalbe.


    Bi-fold Windows

    Bi-fold Doors and Windows can remove the barrier between what is indoor and outdoor, creating a combined living area.

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